Algorithmic Trading. Simplified.

Narwhal is the ultimate platform for developing and deploying your trading algorithms.

Meet Narwhal

Narwhal eases your algorithmic trading workflow so that you focus on your models and strategies instead of managing infrastructure and tools.

Narwhal robus infra


Robust, isolated, and secure infrastructure for all your algorithmic trading needs available at the ease of just one click.

Narwhal robus infra


Flat-rate, subscription brokerage model provided via Tradier Inc. All major U.S. exchanges and U.S. equities supported.

Narwhal robus infra


More than 100 crypto currency exchanges supported. Connect your favorite exchange and swim live in the crypto markets.

Narwhal robus infra


Ultra-intuitive trading and data APIs with our in-house library Libkloudtrader. Model, backtest and trade using only one library.

Narwhal robus infra


Out of the Box logging support for each and every runtime so that you never miss out on what are your algorithms are upto.


Narwhal provides Jupyter notebooks for your runtimes. Research and Model in the cloud and make sure your always get that α


Use Narwhal's online IDE to code without having anything set up on your local computer. It's all isolated, it's all yours and it's all in the cloud.


When your algorithms are ready, deploying them to live markets takes only 3 git commands and few seconds.

git add -A git commit -m "Let me get that alpha! 💯" git push remote: Resolving deltas: 100% (33/33), completed with 33 local objects.) To 'runtime's remote url' 140b8c9..d956e2e master -> master


Stay up-to-date on what and how your algorithms are doing in live markets with logs that track each and every event.


Analyst Plan


  •   2GB Memory
  •   1 vCPU
  •   50GB SSD storage
  •   IDE/Code Editor
  •   Jupyter Lab
  •   Push to deploy
  •   1 week free trial

Manager Plan


  •   4GB Memory
  •   2 vCPUs
  •   80GB SSD storage
  •   IDE/Code Editor
  •   Jupyter Lab
  •   Push to deploy
  •   1 week free trial

Professional Plan


  •   8GB Memory
  •   4 vCPUs
  •   160GB SSD storage
  •   IDE/Code Editor
  •   Jupyter Lab
  •   Push to deploy
  •   1 week free trial

Institution or Enterprise looking for higher computational needs, priority support and compliance features?